We love LA

Well, It’s been a while but on Sunday we had a great time at Dodger Stadium.  It was a early afternoon game and we talked to Ben Platt of mlb.com and he hooked us up with press passes and got us on the field for b.p.  Legends After we watched a few players take some hacks Ben took us up to the press box where we got to meet Dodgers radio announcer Rick Monday and then we had the chance of a lifetime.  We met Tommy Lasorda and Vin Scully.  After all that we went to Ben’s office and he showed us how he conducts business and then took in a great game.  The Dodgers won and we got to see Rickie Ledee hit a home run and we saw Gange come in and pitch a 1, 2, 3, inning.  What a beautiful ballpark.  I would have to say that Dodger stadium is one of the very best parks we saw on the trip.  As far as experience; We will never forget it.  Thank you Ben for hooking us up.

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I’ve been to Dodger Stadium and it was a huge disappointment.Terrible food, very barren and sterile environment inside the stadium, lifeless fans. It’s also out in the middle of nowhere. I took a taxi to the stadium, and the ******** at the front gate wouldn’t let the cab driver drive me all the way to the stadium entrance, so I had to get out and walk about a half mileto the entrance, and then reverse it on the way home. Not very fan-friendly! And these 2 guys actually WANTED to meet that lard *** Lasorda, the most overrated manager in baseball history? They must be suffering from shell shock! All in all, Dodger Stadium is the dregs, by far the worst ballpark I’ve visited out of the 15 I’ve seen so far.

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