Well, on sunday we went to Fenway to watch the 2nd game of a double header against my Seattle Mariners.  Both of our brothers came along for the game.  We didnt actually think that the game was going to be played.  Rain fell for pretty much the whole game,  but still they played.  I wore my Mariners jersey and hat to the game and actually thought that the Red sox nation would lynch me but they have great fans.  I got a few dirty looks and a little fun ribbing but other than that it was an experience of a lifetime.  We had bleacher seats and actually sat 4 rows up next to the Mariners dugout.  The best part of the whole game was Richie Sexsons grand slam to lead the Mariners to a much needed victory,  lets hope they can keep it rolling. 

     We entered the park on Yawkey way and it was a pretty cool atmosphere.  I think it would have been much better had the weather cooperated. Ex Red sox pitcher  Luis Tiant has a food stand there.  We held out though for the hot dogs.  I bought my very own anti- yankee shirt off of a guy selling shirts outside the park after the game.   We are in Virginia now at Seans parents house and are headed to the Orioles game tomorrow, and we should have pictures of that.  We are planning on seeing Babe Ruth’s birthplace and We are going to snag something from Boog’s out in right field.

     In addition to seeing all the ballparks we are seeing some great historical places and today we went to the bull run battlesight in Manassas.  This was  the sight of 2 major civil war battles.  Just another reason to appreciate this great country.

Seans hot dog rankings…… 1.Wrigley field(CHI) 2.Yankee stadium(NYY) 3.US Cellular(CWS) 4. Shea Stadium(NYM) 5. Jacobs field(CLE) 6. Busch Stadium(STL) 7. Fenway park(BOS) 8. The great American ballpark(CIN)

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Another REALLY overrated ballpark in a very crappy neighborhood!

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