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Headed for the West Coast…

After enjoying a lot of great baseball on the East Coast and seeing some beautiful stadiums, we left for the West Coast Saturday morning.  Driving across country, you really get to appreciate just how big and diverse America is.  You gotta love it!  We went out I66 in Virginia and then south on I81 to catch the I40 for the long haul to San Diego.  We hit some heavy rain entering Tennessee, but drove on through it.  By Saturday night, we were hearing some great country tunes in Nashville. Our next game is in San Diego on Tuesday night,  We’ve got a lot of ground to cover…will we make it in time for the first pitch?  We’ll post our progress.

Another thing about this tour is we really appreciate how much Americans having been supporting our troops.  We heard about it when we were in Iraq, but now we are seeing it up close in every person we meet, especially baseball fans!  Now that we are back. we are joining in with all of you to support our troops as much as we can.  Keep those thoughts and prayers coming – it means a lot!