Internet problems

Last night we stayed in Jamaica, New York and had some problems with our internet.  Anyways, so we saw the Yankees game last night and it was almost called due to rain.  We purchased bleacher tickets in advance and found out the hard way that if you buy bleacher seats that you can only see the bleacher area.  So, we did not get to see the rest of the stadium and monument park.  The bleacher seats were a fun atmosphere though.  The fans out there do a roll call during the 1st inning where they chant each Yankee players name until that player acknowledges them.  That was pretty neat to see.  The day before that we saw Kris Benson’s first start of the year at Shea and it was a great game as Piazza hit a home run (watch it here).  The ball park seemed more open in person.  The day before that we were in Cooperstown where we fortunately got to meet the President of the hall of fHof_exteriorame Dale Petroskey.  We talked alittle baseball with him and then The Vice president Jeff Idelson took some time out of his busy schedule to show us around alittle bit.  As you can imagine we were in awe of the whole hall of fame.  One cool exhibit we got to see was, they have a baseball from every no hitter since the hall of fame opened in 1939.  We have pictures but we can’t update them right now so be on the lookout.

Sean’s hot dog rankings:  1. Wrigley field (CHI)  2. Yankee Stadium (NYY)  3.  U.S. Cellular field (CWS)  4.  Shea stadium (NYM)  5. Jacobs field (CLE)  6.  Busch Stadium (STL)  7. The Great American Ballpark (CIN)

Stick with us on the trip! We sometimes have trouble finding a internet hookup.  We will give you everything we have as quickly as we can.


Hi guys,

Cant tell u how awesome to hear about your trip. Be safe and yes I agree Wrigly has the best dogs..hope you make it to CA to see my fav team the dodgers!


I didn’t know about the bleacher thing!!******, you missed an awesime view of the stadium.


boys, glad to see your having a great time. No rush to get back home, no good baseball going on here.******* about Yanks and bleachers though. Sean, your going to come back as a tub if you keep eating those dogs. Talk to you later.

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