En Route to Cooperstown

  Well today was a travel day for us and after a long day of driving we have made it into New York.  Our next stop is Cooperstown.  Both Kevin and I are very excited to be going to the Hall of Fame and be close to all of the legends.  We are then off to NYC to watch the Mets and the Yankees.  We both have the feeling that these games are going to be electric.  Thanks to everyone who has been following us so far and a big thanks to all the men and women overseas making all of our baseball experiences possible. 


Kevin, Sean
where’s the pictures for today? Have fun in Coopertown, Kevin don’t forget my sweatshirt.. and pictures tomorrow please. Love you guys. Mom

Hey Hayward!!!!
Get to Yankee Stadium early and walk up to the upper level behind home plate. The view is awesome of the whole stadium. You and Sean be safe and come home soon!!!!

Marc Eisberner

Hi Kevin,
Troy showed me the site. This is so cool. I am glad you are home and safe. It will be good to see you after your adventures in baseball come full circle to Safeco. (We need all our fans right now). You’re so grown up now it’s scary. Have fun. Be safe.

Hope to see you soon.


Hayward, Sean,

Awesome website! Have fun at Fenway, GO M’s!!!

See you guys in Cali


Hey there guys!! Love the new pics. Okay Sean if you see a awesome Yanks tee for me get it and I will pay you back!! Just if there is a good one! Have fun guys and be safe! Neans

Hope you two are having the time of your life – you deserve it. Eat some hot dogs for me, they sound delicious! : ) Drive safe, call if you need anything and have fun!


Dig your blog. keep it up!

Kevin and Sean:

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Richard Mudrinich

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

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