Operation Field of Dreams

Hello, baseball fans! My name is Kevin, and my friend Sean and I have just completed a tour in Iraq with the Army. We spent a year in Baghdad. During the time there we got a chance to talk about a lot of stuff, and we always talked about baseball and how much we appreciated America. We also always talked about what we were going to do when we got home from Iraq. Sean and I decided to start planning a baseball road trip. On our trip, we wanted to see the country and baseball games — but mostly we wanted to see some baseball games.

Our trip was to start on April 21 in Federal Way, Wash. We then drove for two days and finally got to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa — where we realized that we hadn’t planned for corn not to be in season. So we did not get the full effect, but it was still cool to play catch on that field.  Sean and I made sure to get a little bit of grass rubbed on the baseball we were throwing.

After that, we cruised down to St Louis and were rained out, but before that we got to see the park and I can tell you this: If you go to Busch, make sure you wear red. We also got to take a look at the "new" Busch Stadium that is going up right next door for next season, and you can see it here.

Today we went to the Cubs game, and it turned out to be a good one. The weather was very uncomfortable but at least we got to see a game. Wrigley was everything I imagined it to be. You could see the age on the park and the whole atmosphere was amazing — the fans don’t give up. The Cubs went down by four runs early, but the fans stayed even though the weather ****** and the Cubs were losing. So what happens next? Derrek Lee hits two homers to tie it up, and then in the bottom of the ninth, Corey Patterson hits a walkoff home run.

After the game we walked along Sheffield and Waveland Avenues to complete the experience, and we paid homage to the Harry Caray statue outside the ballpark. This is going to be a great tour of duty. It looks a lot different than our last one, as you can see from this picture below of us at Camp Victory, Al-Faw Water Palace, where one of Saddam’s sons lived.



Now thats R&R! Enjoy, you’ve earned it. By the way, what are your rooting interests?

Glad to hear you guys are home. As a Cubs fan, stationed in Germany with the Army, I will be looking forward to keeping up with your travels. Enjoy the trip, you guys earned it.

Guys, just want to say, thanks for a job well done. I am a huge Red Sox fan living in Germany. I hope you guys make it up to Fenway, and if you do think of me, Jason. Take Care and good luck!

Hey guys. I can’t thank you enough for serving – you guys seem to get so much ‘bad press?’ that at times it can be discouraging. However I want you to know that there are plenty of us back home who admire and appreciate you. Also, me and my friends are planning on taking a similar road trip this summer… Field of Dreams, Busch, Great American, The Jake, back to Detroit… any suggestions?

Hi guys, it’s grandma’s birthday today sorry you missed the barbecue. Sean I missed you. I am so proud of yyou two. Drive safely and have a great time creating memories. Love ya guys

Hey guys!! What is with the hot chocolates…aren’t you supposed to have beers?? haha. Well you guys look great in the pics and seem like you are having a blast. Can’t wait to see you when you come to Cali!! SBC is pretty awesome!! Take care guys! Nina

Reid, thanks for your support! I can tell you this for sure if you decide to go this time of year dress warm it is cold and the wind does not stop. We just went to the reds game and are on our way to the hall of fame tomorrow. You guys got to check out the restaurants in center field in the Jake. Another thing about Cleveland is the rock and roll hall of fame and that is really cool, The Louisville slugger mueseum in Louisville is only 100 miles out of Cincy and we went today and it was awesome. I will talk to you later.

Sean is an Orioles fan and I am a Mariners fan, But we have been rooting for the home team so far until the game affects our teams.

Hey how are you guys doing, sounds like the perfect roadtrip. I’ll see you when I come from this place. Drink some beers for me, and let me know the outcome of the game when you get to Camden Yards

god bless you guys. your service is appreciated here. if you get to the west coast go and check out SBC park. i to am planning a baseball road trip in the future. happy traveling

I came across your weblog today and love it. We share the same love for baseball and ballparks. If you don’t mind me giving my new fan site a plug, I will reciprocate the plug for yours when I get home tonight.

Best of luck with the rest of your journey!

p.s. if you are coming to Toronto, I would be happy to meet you at a game!

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