The midwest is cold

After we saw a great game at Wrigley we took a day off to relax and then went to see the White sox and the Tigers play on Friday night.  I didnt realize how cold it was until we got to the ballpark so I went and got myself a whitesox sweatshirt.  Anyways after about 4 hot chocolates we watched a pitchers duel between Jose Contreas and Nate Robertson.  The tigers ended up winning in the 11th and we were really impressed with the tigers Nook Logan He can fly around the bases.  Us Cellular was loud and a great atmosphere.  There is a great tailgate area outside the park.

Our next stop brought us into Cleveland for a Sunday afternoon game between the Indians and the Royals.  Kevin and I went into this game expecting to see a minor league game because these two clubs aren’t playing the best baseball lately.  Much to our surprise both teams brought their bats and hit 5 home runs.  Mark Sweeny ended the Indians hopes of a comeback with his second homer and the Royals won 6-5. Jacobs field is a very fan friendly ballpark.  Every Sunday is kids day at the park and they have every type of food you can imagine.  The park is located just off the freeway and parking is great.  The ballpark is right downtown and located right off the freeway.   

I don’t know about everyone else out there but I have to have a hot dog when I go to the ballpark.  While I am on the trip I will be giving my rankings of the best ballpark hotdogs.  These are temporary and will change as we move forward on the trip.  I am looking for three things; taste, bun quality, and overall presentation.  Here is how the ballparks stack up so far.

Hotdog_1 Sean’s hot dog rankings:  1. Wrigley field  2. U.S. Cellular Field  3. Jacobs Field  4. Busch Stadium


It’s so good to see you guys having fun! Wish I was tagging along… keep us posted on those hot dogs Sean. ;o)

Hi Guys,

Glad to see you’re both home safely. Sean, I saw you’re an O’s fan. What a year so far! Make sure you get to Camden Yards. Boog’s BBQ will make you rethink that whole hot dog thing!!

It’s great to know some of our guys are back home and able to have some fun! I hope you guys have a great time. I’m sure you deserve it.

You guys have got to go to Fenway! We call our dogs the “Fenway Frank”. That is our normal size. We also have the foot longs. But sometimes the Fenway Frank makes coming to Boston well worth it.

Dear Kevin and Sean,
First of all, God bless you and all the troops who so bravely defend our country and make going to ballgames possible. I have a blog too, Tommy Lasorda’s World. You should post a comment. When you guys come to Dodger Stadium, which I call Blue Heaven on Earth, I can’t wait to meet you and shake your hands. Sean, just so you know, Dodger Dogs are the best hotdogs in the country!

Tommy Lasorda

Although every fan has his home town bias, the hot dog’s at our Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome) are some pretty good dogs.

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