Louisville and Cincinnati

We stayed Near Louisville, Kentucky last night.  We woke up this morning and went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory.  The whole experience was awesome. Louisville_2 We watched as they spun a Neifi Perez bat, and we took a few cuts with some major leaguers bats at the batting cage at the Museum.  Sean used the Kirby Pucket model and I used the Ken Griffey Jr. model.  The bat factory is a must on a ballpark tour because it is only 100 miles out of Cincinnati.  Thanks to Deana and the rest of the Louisville slugger staff  for their great hospitality, and also for letting us take the tour for free.  Well, after that we shot up to Cincy for the Reds and Cardinals.  We watched a pretty good game as the Reds could not hold a 6 run lead in the 9th.  One highlight for me was Griffey’s 2nd homerun of the season.  Griff became a favorite growing up a Mariners fan.  It had been a long time since I had a chance to see him go yard in person.  That and you just have to root for the guy after all he has been through in the last couple of years.

The Great American Ballpark is an amazing  new field.  It has an outstanding view of the Ohio river and is easy to get to off the freeway.  Parking is great and traffic wasn’t bad at all.  Many thanks to Mary Goebel and the Cincinnati Reds for giving us the opportunity to view the game for free. Overall the park was great and lives up to its name as the Great American Ballpark.  The hotdogs on the other hand could use a little work.  I wasn’t impressed with Cincinnati’s dugout dog so they will fall to the bottom of the current standings.

HotdogHere is where the dogs fall so far:  1) Wrigley Field (CHI)  2) U.S. Cellular Field (CWS)  3) Jacobs Field (CLE)  4) Busch Stadium (STL)  5) Great American Ballpark (CIN).


Kevin and Sean,
Welcome back! You both deserve a break. What a great way to spend it! Kevin I’m looking forward to a full report when you return.


What’s up SAPPERS?

It’s your buddy Ed. You guys might want to lay off of the hot dog ratings, because your looking a little chubby around the pie holes! See you ******** in July. WELCOME HOME!!!

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