Finally we have hot weather

Today was great as we watched a great game at Camden Yards in Baltimore.  Sean is a huge Baltimore Orioles fan so he was all decked outAtcamden_1  in his Rafael Palmerio Jersey and O’s hat. (That’s him in the picture here, and make sure you check out our Photo Album.) We got to the game a little bit early and were immediately surprised that it was neither raining or windy, in fact it was hot.  We entered the stadium on Eutaw street right next to the famous warehouse that only one man to this day has hit,  Ken Griffey Jr. Anyways we walked around out thru Eutaw street and if you look to the ground you will notice that there is a plaque on the ground for each homerun hit onto the street. I had Boog’s bbq and was a bit dissapointed.  The game was really good we got a chance to see last year’s Cy young of the American league Johan Santana.  He allowed a couple of runs and the orioles one it with a BJ Surhoff single in the 8th and then BJ Ryan closed it out.  We did not see any homeruns today it was the first game that, that happened.  We did see some great defense turned in by The Orioles infield though.

After the game we went to look for Babe Ruth’s birthplace.  we followed the baseballs on the road wich start at the Babe Ruth statue outside the park in Centerfield.  The walk was only about 2 blocks. We got there and chSantana_1ecked out the house.  They had a few artifacts most notably the Ruth Jersey, last bat he used, and the sports Illustraded baseball player of the century award.  They have the room in which ruth was born and that was also pretty neat.

We are headed to the capital tomorrow to see the sights and then on Friday to RFK to see the Nationals.

Seans hot dog rankings……. 1. Wrigley field(CHI) 2. Camden Yards(BAL) 3. Yankee stadium (NYY) 4. US Cellular(CWS) 5. Shea stadium(NYM) 6. Jacobs field(CLE) 7. Busch stadium(STL) 8. Fenway park(BOS) 9. The Great American ballpark(CIN)

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Hey Boys, I am so glad to see some good weather for you finally. Enjoy the moment! Hope all is well and see you when you get out west. Sean your hot dog rankings are classic!
Cheers~ Janel

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