Padres game

Well we went to the Padres game on Tuesday night and have been just taking in the sun in the meantime.  Let me tell you that Petco Park where the Padres play is the best ballpark Sean and I have been to.  They thought of everything when the people in San Diego built this park.  We entered near center field in the rear of the stadium.  Immediately to the right is a beautifully kept grass hill for anybody to pay $6.00 to sit and watch the game.  Also, there is a big screen out there just in case those fans want to see the replay.  Also, in that section there is a play field for kids where the Padres have a couple of peoPadres_1ple tossing wiffle balls to the little ones.  TVs are all over the stadium most of which are plasma in high definition TVs.  The food is great there.   There are plenty of big screens so no one gets left out of seeing that.  The field also has an old building that was built into the ballpark and believe it or not into the field of play.  The left filed foul pole is the edge of that old building.  In addition to all this they have a sand pit which Padres fans call "the beach"  right behind the fence in center field.  No doubt these guys thought of everything.

The game was amazing, We got a chance to see Smoltz pitch.  He took a 1 run lead into the 9th and then the Padres loaded the bases and Khalil Green got the game winning RBI single.  The fans went nuts — all of about 30,000 of them.

Sean’s hot dog rankings . . . are to follow. Still trying to decide if Petco will take 1st place.


If you guys are in LA this weekend you better call me.


Cool Blog. I just made one myself. How do you get the photo album linked?

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